What we are here for

The Krishna Village is a joyous, inspiring, energetic community of young and old spiritual seekers, travellers and yogis. If you are coming with an open heart and an open mind, you will make many beautiful connections and experience life in a whole new way. We are here to provide a blueprint of what life can look like when you live it in a spiritually based, simple and yogic way. To 'retreat', in our opinion doesn't have to mean to withdraw from people and be alone. It means to step away from life as we know it and immerse ourselves into a different environment, lifestyle and culture with the intention to learn, grow and broaden our comfort zone.

It is our aim to create a healthy, wholesome and spiritual atmosphere based on the values stated in our Code of Conduct, and aligned with our practices of Bhakti Yoga. Should any of our guests significantly infringe upon those rules or disturb the peace through unruly behaviour, we will have to ask them to leave without any refunds provided.

Physical and mental health issues - what we can and can't provide 

We are happy to support and nurture our guests within the framework of what our wellness centre and life coach offer. Our staff is experienced and trained to deal with the emotional usual ups and downs that an increased yogic practice and lifestyle change can bring about.

We are, however, neither equipped nor trained to handle mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline, PTSD and others. As much as we like to help, we have learned from past experience that this place can't provide what's needed to safely and appropriately catch guests that are not in a mentally stable condition. We therefore ask you to consult your support worker before deciding whether you are ready to go on such a journey. If you are suffering from any mental health issues, you should only consider our community if your condition is well managed and appropriately medicated. As much as we understand how difficult this can be, we simply cannot expose our guests and staff to the stress that a mentally unstable person can create.

Similarly, if you are suffering from severe physical ailments like cancer, arthritis, severe allergies or other potentially risky (and/or infectious) conditions, please discuss your travel plans with your medical practitioner to ensure that you and our other guests are safe and sound.

Either way - if your physical or mental health is a concern - please contact us before booking to discuss whether or not we can provide the environment that you need at this point. 

Refund policy

Upon making your booking, you are taking up a room, camp site and/or course spot. We can't therefore make this spot available to someone else. For this reason, refunds are not available once you have commenced your stay. Regardless of health concerns or other issues, our general refund policies that are stated in our terms and conditions for retreat guests and in our terms and conditions for course participants apply.

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