Simple living, high thinking

As an eco yoga community set on an organic farm, the Krishna Village endeavours to provide the blueprint of a simple, mindful, spiritually based lifestyle. By allowing our guests to share this experience, we propagate a wholesome (in Sanskrit: sattvic) and sustainable lifestyle that is good for all living beings and conducive to a joyous and loving attitude.

For the last few years we have been developing the Krishna Village from a completely volunteer based farming community to a retreat space for people focused on their personal development and spiritual growth. Staying at the Village will allow you to be immersed in a beautiful community of spiritual seekers from all over the world who are coming together with the intention of sharing their gifts and talents and supporting each others' learning and growth. Rather than providing a strictly scheduled retreat program, we offer a range of daily classes and activities and a series of courses and trainings from which you can pick and choose. Thus, you are able to create your own experience and adapt your activities to your individual needs.


Society at large is becoming increasingly disconnected: more and more people suffer from stress, burnout, fatigue and chronic illness. The happiness that lies in simple experiences like feeling the grass under your bare feet, digging your hands in the soil or sitting with friends around a campfire under the stars has become a distant memory. At the Krishna Village, we aim to create such a space. So take your time, breathe, reconnect to yourself and re-evaluate your life and your priorities. To support you, we invite you to experience:

  • The simplicity of life on an organic farm
  • A delicious vegetarian diet
  • Daily yoga and kirtan sessions
  • Personal growth through meditation and life coaching
  • A peaceful and deeply spiritual temple atmosphere
  • The joy of vibrant and diverse community living
  • An authentic insight into the bhakti yoga lifestyle

If you look at the big wisdom traditions of the world, you will notice that certain values have being cherished throughout the ages, across time and space. It is our intention to live true to them and bring them out in ourselves and others:

Love: friendship, kindness, loving service and care for the Divine and all living entities: humans, animals and plants alike
Wisdom: respect, curiosity and open-mindedness, spiritual practice and personal development
Balance: sustainable living, an equilibrium between work, rest and play, giving and receiving
Congruity: aiming to align body, mind and soul, honouring our individual qualities and our personal soul journey
Gratitude: acknowledging the gifts we receive abundantly from the Divine, mother nature and those around us

So get ready to slow down, connect to yourself and experience the sattvic way of life!

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