Life Coaching & Mentoring

The Krishna Village is designed to create balance. Going “back to the basics” allows you to re-evaluate priorities and embrace a simple, values-based lifestyle. To support you in letting go of unhealthy thinking patterns and creating sustainable change, we recommend Life Coaching as an integral part of your stay. 

Sustainability and growth

Our ICG accredited Transformational Coach and NLP Master Practitioner Henrike blends modern techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming and assessment tools like E-DISC and the Values Pendulum™ with elements of the ancient Indian wisdom tradition of the Vedas. Her insightful coaching approach has allowed hundreds of clients to release self imposed limitations and tap into their full potential.

In addition, since February 2016, Henrike has added business coaching and mentoring to her skill set. The individually tailored program runs over a minimum of 7 months and includes detailed business planning and strategy days as well as weekly 1:1 focus calls. 

Weekly Life Coaching classes take place at the Krishna Village yoga hall. To book 1:1 Life Coaching sessions or apply for business coaching, please contact Henrike.


I’ve always been attracted by the light Henrike was spreading around, and when I first started to ask her advice she has been just amazing to me. Since I first started to talk to her about the idea to become a life coach, she encouraged me, she gave me a lot of advices and put me on the right track to follow my dream. And... Here I am today walking on that path, and starting changing lives myself. Henrike opened up a new world of personal growth and awareness. It’s a great gift and I will always be grateful to this special woman.
— Sara D.
One of the most unique things about working with Henrike is the great amount of connection and insight she provides; it’s like she challenges you until you reach that light bulb moment and everything suddently makes sense. Her energy, positivity and ‘can do’ attitude is infectous in the best way. Through our sessions I developed a clearer sense of who I am, who I want to be and what I want in my life. I highly recommend it – it was one of the most positive things I have done for myself.
— Amy F.
Henrike has truly been a blessing in my life. Her sage wisdom and insight helped uncover a pattern of self sabotage I had been running for a life time and replace it with a new empowered perspective and attitude. I now have the confidence and courage to define what is truly important in my life and give it my focus and energy from an attitude of joy and passion rather than fear and doubt.
— Alistaire M.
I have literally just finished a coaching session with Henrike. I did not know what to expect. She has a natural way to listen intuitively and extract the threads of what was holding me back….the sticking points. We explored ways to reframe those old thoughts and look at my experiences from a fresh perspective. With that fresh perspective that I arrived at, through a series of questions, we were able to create a practical way forward to achieving the goals that I had been holding myself back from. Henrike then finished the session with visualization techniques that I had not experienced before. I was able to shift a previously held way of communicating, create a new and more positive approach and take that forward with me to my life. I am very grateful for the time Henrike spent with me, her genuine desire to help me find my own answers and her generous and caring nature. I look forward to updating Henrike with stories from my latest adventures.
— - Denis O.
When I first went to see Henrike it was because I was unhappy at work and thought I wanted support to develop the next steps for my career. What I found was a warm and intuitive coach who helped me to look at my life in a much broader sense. Henrike has helped me to reframe the way I think, to make incremental improvements to the way I perceive myself and my life, to let go of old habits and patterns that don’t serve me anymore and to replace them with positives. I found the work I did on my values really helpful in determining what I want my life to be and stand for. Henrike’s insights and instincts were always spot on which demonstrates how great she is at listening and analysing. I can look back on our six months working together and see how I have changed for the better.
— Lisa B.
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